Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tattoo removal

Check this video out!

Back tattoo removal

Thanks Cathy!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Blog Links

Eyes Wide Apart - drawing blog
Anonymous lawyer - dry amusing (anonymous) commentary on life in a legal firm - don't get sacked for it!
HD for Indies - Tech talk about High Definition Video format
ClipTip - a blog of music videos available for download - hope the aRe I A Ass doesn't find him!
How I am becoming an Astronaut - the story of Damaris' efforts to become an Astronaut.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Link Dump

Downhill Jam - A flash game
A List Apart 4-0 - From Pixels to Prose, Coding to Content
Malevolent Design - Lots of useful stuff
Mathibusdotcom - More useful stuff
CMS Matrix - Compare CMS products and their fetaures side by side
Jasongraphix - Awesome looking site - cool content - check the baton meme

Friday, August 12, 2005


Blogthings is a cool website.
You can do IQ tests and post the result to your blog, win free prizes like paid journal accounts, designer jewelry, spa treatments, and gift cards to restaurants, find out what your name means and lots more.
Most stuff generates the HTML code to put on your site.
Check it out!

Your Sexy Brazilian Name Is

Rodolfo Souza

What's Your Sexy Brazilian Name?

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Link Dump

workspace macros
rss equalizer
get a coder
mx rss reader - writer
lockset systems backup
remota data backups

Friday, August 05, 2005

A new blog every 1-6 seconds!

Where as our previous post works out at about a new blog every second, A Cup of Joe Powell brings us stats from Pew Internet & American Life which show a new blog created every 5.8 seconds (roughtly 15,000 per day). Better to reading if you want to stay on top of that!

The Blogosphere is Growing Exponential and Building Speed

Michael S. Malone of ABC News based on numbers from Technorati reports that the Blog World is doubling in size every five months. He relates this to Moore's Law in a fantastic article. It is long but worth the read!

Technorati in its annual State of the Blogosphere report that the number of blogs in the world has jumped from 7.5 million in March to 14.2 million today.

People Do Win On Blingo!

Yesterday Busy Mom won an iPod Shuffle which means that Lauren's Mommy also won an iPod Shuffle. So, if someone you refer wins something cool, you also win the same thing! The limitation is that each household can only win up to 2 things a month so if you win movie tickets and your wife wins a CD then your friend wins an iPod all in the same month...you don't get the iPod.

I once told a friend about Blingo and 2 hours later he had won a CD. Since the search results are the same as Google, it makes sense to switch!


Blog Audience Not As Large As It Seems

No Silence Here turns us onto a Boston Herald article quoting some Forrester Research numbers "that fewer than 2 percent of Americans who go online read blogs once a week or more"

I see this as promising! Although it indicates that blogs have a long way to go before really impacting public opinion has main stream media does with such things as presidential elections, the numbers mean that our Google Adsense revenue stands the possibility of increase by up to 98 percent! Tell everyone you know to start reading blogs!

Blingo has a blog!

Blingo now has a blog. What is Blingo? Blingo is a search engine that returns the exact same results as Google (since it is powered by Google) but gives out prizes (currently limited to the United States, I think).

You don't need to sign up to search. But if you sign up as a Blingo Friend when you win, so does your friend!

Spy Journal Tech Tips alerted on Blingo in December of 2004.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Travel Trip Blog

First you do and then you tell. But, imagine being able to do and tell at the same time! To share your experiences with family and friends as you go!
Create your own travel website with just a few clicks:
- plot your journey on maps with the IntelliMap System
- store & display your photos, stories and experiences
- exchange messages with friends and family
- control who views your ad-free personal travel website
- download a permanent archive at the end of your trip

Link Dump

Fun Jobs Review - get paid for taking surveys. Dunno if its a scam as I haven't looked yet - comment on it please if you get any money!

Shadows - Make your own search engine and share it with others.
  • Assign your own personal keywords(tags) to any web page.

  • Search Shadows to easily find pages that you previously tagged as well as pages tagged by the shadows community.

  • Make your tags searchable by the community or keep them totally private.

  • Shadows harnesses the power of community and gives you tools to make your own search engine.

  • Clay Kitten Shooting - excellent timewasting game - thanks Shayne - Doug if you play this then make sure you stop after round 2 or I'll get Cathy to beat you up! (saves beating yourself up later you masochist!)

    Hilarious Website

    Kill the goat is hilarious!
    Jay writes with vigour and rawness and a very dry sense of humour.
    I like that!

    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    Promote Your Site Pictorially

    Add your blog to the wall at Blograffiti.

    A Nonist Public Service Pamphlet

    The Nonist offers a 6 page pamphlet meant as a public service to help educate bloggers about blog depression

    Kudos to jmorrison of Nonist for such a great work!

    Web scripts in Java and DHTML

    AndrewU.co.uk Andrew's Script Library
    Need Scripts Scripts and Web Development Resource Center - Information on ASP, C and C++, Flash, HTML, DHTML, Java, JavaScripts, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, XML - Scripts and Programs, online communities and more!
    About Focus on JavaScript
    Nic's JavaScript Page NJP - Accept only the best
    Sandeeps Nook Javascript Page