Thursday, October 12, 2006

Good Blog Writing Style

The use of style in your posts make your blog more readable, more professional, and likely to better keep readers attention. Following is a summary from Google Blogscoped.

  1. Use descriptive headlines
  2. Write in inverted pyramid style (a different suggestion would be hourglass style)
  3. Make the first link your main link
  4. re-introduce core ideas
  5. Use lists, images, tables, sub-headlines, examples, indented notes, indented quotes, icons, colors, bold and italics to lighten up your article and make it easier to scan it.
  6. it’s never a good idea to only use sophisticated words
  7. Credit your sources
  8. Mark updates and changes
  9. Spellcheck your posts, and read them for clarity
  10. Mind the exceptions

For detailed explanations of each point be sure to read the original article.