Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blogger Updated

I am one of many that was burned by Blogger by having two years of drafts deleted when the blogger administrators deleted my account after I requested they review my blogs for compliance with the TOS. The lack of professionalism I experienced in the resulting e-mails and inability to talk to a real person prompted me to advise people to stay away from Blogger! With better solutions like Drupal and WordPress which you can put on a trusted host allowing backups and greater control of your publishings, the risk associated with a service like Blogger is not worth it.

That said, Google has made its first major update to the Blogger service since its acquisition from Pyra Labs in 2003.

Google Inc. on Monday launched its first major revamp of its Blogger service since acquiring it last year, adding new ways for bloggers to post content and to interact with one another.

Blogger now offers a comments section on blogs and lets bloggers post content through e-mail and create profiles of their background and interests. Beyond the new features, Blogger redesigned the user interface across its site and publishing tool, said Evan Williams, Blogger program manager at Google.

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Update: The striked reference above may have been a typo in the date. C|Net has the same information with an August 15, 2006 publishing date. So, strike the strike. See also Update aims for friendlier Blogger (which they won't achieve unless they have fixed their customer service issues). From the horse's mouth at Blogger Buzz with an August 14, 2006 publishing date.