Thursday, May 05, 2005

Technical post on CSS and design

I have found a lot of really cool information about using CSS to create elastic or fluid designs.

I have always taken notice of articles like The Noodle Incident and the CSS Zen Garden, but they are like lectures and the following links are workshops.
Make sure you read the comments on these guys sites, they are as helpful as the original discussions.

John Oxton's discussion on elastic layout - including examples and code.

The Zen Garden shows what can be done using CSS to change the entire look of the same page. Check this out (opens in a different window / tab )and try the different styles from the list. If you are a graphic designer (or hopeful) have a go at your own design and submit it to them.

@Media 2005 are having a Web Standards conference 9th-10th June in London (time specific link) regarding web standards and design.

Roger Johansson writes a great article about fluid / elastic design. This has code in it you can use. Awesome stuff Roger.

Clagnut (Richard Rutter) posts an article about sizing text using ems. Very useful.