Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Creating a free blog in Blogger Part 2

I will assume you have read part 1.
I will also assume that you have created a user name and logged into
This guide will help you create a free blog hosted at blogspot.

Your dashboard should be the first thing that comes up in blogger. Click the button to Create A Blog.

Type the title of your blog. This blog's title is Spy Journal Blog Tips.

Type the address you want. This is the web address of your blog. it will end up being so choose what-you-type carefully.

Cick Continue. If the name already exists you will need to choose another and clock continue again.

Choose a template. For now just pick the one that appeals most to you. I will show you how to edit that in another post.
Click Continue.

Thats it - click the Start Posting Arrow and type your first post - eg Hullo World.
Simply type a title for the first post, then type the text and then click Publish. Its that easy.

Now sign out and go to to see your blog.
Hooray - you are a web publisher! Power to the people thanks to blogger!

My sample blog created using this process is at createablogblog

The next article in this series will help you personalise your blog and set up some of the settings just right. I will use this sample blog to show you the changes and how to make them.

For now just write some stuff.
You just need to login at, then click the green plus icon next to your blog in the dashboard, type a post and publish it. Of course tell all your friends your new blog address.

And if you made your new blog using this article for help then please let me know, especially if you need more help.
Happy blogging!