Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Blog Explosion and Other Traffic Tips

You already have a blog and you want to get more people coming to it.
The best way is by word of mouth. Viral marketing concepts work exceptionally well in a non contiguous envirnoment like the internet.
One good method is to use Blog Explosion. This is a way of getting traffic coming your way, and at the same time finding some other great websites to read.

The old tried and true method is still one of the best. Visit other blogs, comment on them and if you like them, then link to them in your blogroll.
The more you comment and link, the more they will link back to you and the traffic increases exponentially.

Word of warning, don't go overboard with links. Most people will never believe that you read 250 blogs regularly. Just link your favorite ones and make sure you visit them often. What goes around comes around.

Later I will talk about how to find out who is linking to you.