Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Afraid to start blogging?

Scobleizer has written a lengthy article explaining why blogging is taking off as a legitimate marketing channel for businesses. Yet at the same time its the lack of marketing spin that makes the channel so effective.
Read the full article or peruse the salient bits here.

Word of mouth networks are more efficient at distributing information than traditional marketing channels. Viral networks such as blogging communities are even more efficient.

Getting information about your company and products onto a blog are a way of helping customers connect with you. Puts a face on your business.

Allowing customers feedback on a blog assists you in gauging their reactions to your public face. Basically people generally mistrust faceless corporations. Individual employees talking openly and honestly without corporate marketing spin are far more believeable.

Blogs are a great way of getting instant exposure to the world, and getting linked to on one of the major sites such as Engadget or Slashdot will almost guarantee massive exposure.