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Geek Girl Blogger- Ange Recchia

Our GGB for this week is Ange Recchia from Melbourne, Australia! Please read her survey…

Name: Angela "Ange" Recchia
angesbiz Screen Name’s: Ange Recchia / angesbiz
Personal Blog’s:
Buzzing with Ange - A Personal Development blog
Social Networking News Daily
Social Networks: You had to ask, LOL.
@angesbiz on Twitter
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Current Employment: I am currently employed as a Social Media and SEO Coach/Consultant for WebVision2020 Pty Ltd based in Perth, Western Australia.
Location/country: I am based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Geek Girl Blogger - Kate Edwards

Editors note - updated 24/6/13 for current info

This week we are featuring Kate Edwards from Brisbane Australia as our Geek Girl Blogger!

RPK Photography 02 Please read her survey/profile below….

Name: Kate Edwards

Screen Name’s: Kate Edwards; Conjure

Personal Blog:

Social Networks:

Facebook -

Myspace -

Flickr -

Twitter -

Vimeo -

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The Story of Robin Good - Girl Geek Dinner in Athens - Greece

Robin Good recently shared his story at a Girl Geek Dinner in Athens -

Robin_Good_GGD_Athens How did I start with my professional web publishing career? What was I doing before? How did I get to name myself Robin Good from Sharewood? What do I see in the future of those wanting to find a way to leverage the Internet to do and live off what they are really passionate about?

If you want to find out a bit more about my story as an online independent publisher, how I started and how converted my total resistance to advertising into a win-win partnership, my unrehearsed performance / presentation at the 6th Girls Geek Dinner in Athens, Greece, this past weekend, is definitely a good opportunity to know a bit more about how it all came to be.

Here's the entire video (29 mins) with a full English text transcription: – MasterNewMedia

I have watched the video and it was very interesting and really enjoyable!! I highly recommend taking the time to either read through the transcript or watch the video… he is quite funny so the video is more recommended.

You can read the transcript or watch the video at


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Required Equipment for all developers - Cafe Crema Review

Tim got a new coffee machine in the past couple of days. He loves it.

 SunbeamLogoCafé Crema™ EM4800C by Sunbeam.

Constructed entirely of metal components, the robust design of the Sunbeam Café Crema™ ensures you will enjoy countless delicious coffees at home - See the full technical details of the Sunbeam Cafe Crema

He got it from Big W for only $179….. against the recommended retail price!   It came with two free stainless steel cups and saucers, a milk jug and coffee spoon with tamper, a DVD and a free offer to go to a coffee appreciation course.


  • 15 BAR pump – Italian made
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Crema system – Italian designed
  • Full metal body and components
  • Brass and phenolic group handle
  • 2.1 litre removable water reservoir
  • Large cup warming tray
  • Large cup height clearance – fits mugs
  • 1 + 2 cup spring-loaded filters
  • Accessories: 2 stainless espresso cups and saucers, 500ml stainless milk jug and coffee spoon with tamper

Recommended by Tim Miller!