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Back to Basics: Facebook

What is this Facebook ?

It's an online social network. And that is? An online social network, is an online version, of a social network. image
For example, in your life, if you go to school, you have a social network there, the group of people you socialise with are the people you are networking with socially. Same goes for at your workplaces, and anywhere that you interact with a certain group of people.  Online, there are also social networks used on web sites. You may want to socialise online with people with the same religion as you, the same interests as you, etc. And for that, there are different web sites running social networks. Such as, Facebook, Myspace, Pownce, Flickr, Bebo, and many more.

Basically Facebook is just a web page that you can have your profile on, add friends, view their pages, and more which I am about to tell you about.

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Back to Basics: OneNote

image Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

I love OneNote.   When I first started working for Tim he asked me to sign up with a lot of things online, and start using different programs that I'd never even heard of before. One of those programs was 'OneNote'.  At first I didn't use it that much, I'm one of those people who don't really enjoy changing the way you do things. I found it more practical to write things down in my physical notebook that I carried in my bag, But since then I've personalised my OneNote and have been keeping heaps of information organised nicely in there.

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Back To Basics: Flickr

flickr_logo My experience with Flickr.

It was better than I expected, there are some cool features that tempt me to be interested in bothering with Flickr that I'll mention later in this article.
My boss asked me to sign up for a Flickr account, use it, and then write about it.  So I'm in the process now of accomplishing that task. I went to the Flickr site, proceeded to sign up for an account, then it told me that I can't unless I have a Yahoo account, so it took me to do that, and then brought me back to Flickr.
So now I have a Flickr account.

Then I opened Windows Live Photo Gallery on my computer, selected publish, more services, publish on Flickr.

I feel the need to summarise my instructions.

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Back to Basics: Beginners HTML

Well, what an interesting topic. To be honest I find it quite difficult to remember all of these sorts of things. But I am going to attempt to write about what I've learnt about HTML so far and how I 'think' it works.

The other day Tim gave me a very basic lesson on how to go about creating a website. Here goes what I can remember from that lesson.

HTML...................................................... HTML......................................HTML..................................................

For starters, html stands for "Hyper Text Mark-up Language".  Praise the Lord for google (couldn't remember what the m part stands for).

So what is that? hyper text mark-up language? 

Fantastic definition for HTML is found at this site -
It told me this.....