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(Women And Waves)

Today you are sullen - sultry - passive yet hungry

demanding attention,

sucking endlessly in oily repetition on slick sand

I am like flotsam trapped in greasy foam

tossed back and forth

neither here or there

but forever condemned to react to your tides


2012-06-30 Gold Coast Beach 020Today you are angry - aggressive - violent

carving your name

forcing yourself unwanted and unasked

seeking to make your way without heed of those in the way

I am like a still rockpool suddenly disturbed

anenomes ruthlessly uprooted

raped and pillaged by your desire and ambition


Today you are loving - playful - joyful

chuckling wavelets caressing sparkling sands

delicate fingers running through seaweed

titillating - pleasuring

I am like iridescent foam

laughing - tinkling

enjoying the moment as if it will last forever

but the tide will turn


Poem written © Timothy Miller 1993

Photo taken 2012 at the Gold Coast

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The SpyJournal Weekly and Tim Miller Daily allow you create personalised newspapers – summarising your tweets, and community news in various areas.

I have been running two for some time now – the Tim Miller Daily and the SpyJournal Weekly.

Check them out and subscribe if you want an easy grab of my twitter feed in one bite


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I got my invite to Alto Mail

Alto Mail is a web based (browser) new (?) way of managing mail from services like Gmail, yMail, Aol and iCloud.ITs main benefit is the ability to group and sort in stacks mail from any sender or group of senders.

It also exposes very simply pictures and other attachments in a nice easy to see view.

I'm trying it on my Gmail account – which seeing as its chiefly used for service sign up and notifications doesn't contain much of value. However I can already see how this would be of benefit to anybody who uses Gmail for example which has a difficult to use interface. This makes Gmail far more friendly in a browser!


Sign up for your beta invitation and get ahead of the rest!

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How to remove #N/A errors in Excel

Today I had an email request:

I wasn't sure how to post, or join so I'm sending my question to you this way. I cannot figure out how to remove the #N/A error in LOOKUP. If the cells are blank it returns the #N/A error - I'd like to return either a blank or 0 instead. How do I do that? Her is my formula. (I'm sure you can tell by my formula I'm a rookie at this.) Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Excel-2013I have written a post on this before when I explained the ISNA function.

In this case I will break down the first component of the formula and show you how to insert it.

First of all understand that because this formula is summing components that are lookups, if any one of them returns an error than the overall sum will be an error even if the rest is not an error.

So to fix =LOOKUP(B6,{1,2,3,4,5},{40,30,20,10,0}) when it displays #N/A (eg if B6 is less than 1) we would use this function:


The same concept could be used for each lookup component. In this case the formula would become very involved so there might be easier ways to do it. Sometimes breaking the individual components our into individual cells and then summing them is a way to give more visible results – and easily see which component is causing the error.

So Lois – i hope that helps – and thanks for liking us on Facebook!