The Atkinsons are amazing! Real Live Preacher Goodies!

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I just received an amazing package in the mail. Delivered to the door in fact. It had been kindly opened for us by Australian Quarantine – I think they thought we were hiding our cocaine in it. The smell of the chili would have confused the sniffer dogs no end.

Let me back track.

A few years ago I started reading I bought his book and read that as well. noticed that he was using Drupal to run his website. Some time later I ended up talking to Gordon and he expressed his frustration with where the site was at. I glibly offered to look at it for him – for free!. A couple of years later (actually I have no idea how much later) Gordon and I are really good mates. I have been working on his site for free all this time – something I love doing for him. In response he has been touting me around  both on his site and to people he knows. Between us we put together the site. I say between us because he pulled the community together, I only built the site and provide backend support. We did another site for a friend of theirs, Elizabeth. Jeanene now manages this site. Then we rebuilt Jeanene’s website I did this for a nominal fee largely because of the ubercart shopping cart implementation we put in. I had never done this before and I treated this job as an R&D job. Well one thing led to another, and I did a bunch of stuff for Gordon and Jeanene that they think took me a lot of time :)

IMG_4533Jeanene hinted that she wanted to send Judith a necklace as a thank you. I replied and asked her to include a game that I couldn’t buy here and offered to pay for it. Jeanene wouldnt hear of it and said she would buy it for me as thanks.

A few weeks went by but the package just didn’t come. I wondered why. Then a sneaky  little email from Gordon let me in on the secret. Jeanene was stocking the package with Texas Goodies for us. and not just going and buying the first thing she saw.

Here is a list of all the amazing things that arrived today:

  • 2 necklaces - beautiful hand crafted necklaces from
  • 2 bags of Mexican chewing gum
  • IMG_4535A large bag of Arbol Chili Pods
  • A small bag of  Whole Piquin Chili
  • 2 bags of seasoning
  • A jar of Tomato Garlic Salsa
  • 2 goats milk candy wafers
  • Pecan candy
  • Mexican drinking chocolate
  • Fritos original corn chips
  • A recipe for cooking Texan Chili
  • Sid Meiers Civilization IV – Colonisation


Thanks very much Gordon and Jeanene.