AFL Training report

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tim heading ball in semi final-640 Training on Tuesday night was awesome. I couldn't wait to get there and went early. Got to meet the blokes and have a great warm up - jogging some laps and kicking some balls to loosen up. From here we went into drills and I was pleased to be one of the youngest blokes! I was not the fittest but well up there and my ball handling and kicking skills were good compared with some blokes. I am playing on Saturday night - can't wait! However the training was much lighter than I am used to, and so after I went home and iced my legs I had no discomfort. Wednesday morning I went for my run with Judith and did plenty of sit ups, step ups and stomach crunches. After we got home I had the usual massage from Helen our masseuse who worked out all the knots in my legs. I feel great.

By the way the pic is of me showing up the young fellas in a soccer match 2 years ago.

My weekly routine is now starting to look like this. (Starting from Tuesday)

  • Tuesday night - AFL training - 1.5 hours, running, kicking, sprinting, etc
  • Wednesday morning - running, strength and stretching exercises, squats, lunges, sit ups etc for 1 hour followed by massage
  • Thursday afternoon - park time with the family and friends for 1.5 hours - frisbee and gentle exercise - maybe a bit of footy kicking
  • Thursday night - basket ball, coaching and playing for 1.5 hours
  • Friday - nothing at moment
  • Saturday (every second week) AFL game - 2 hours of intense work, running tackling, jumping etc
  • Sunday and Monday - recovery - maybe run or cycle or park with the kids

As a result I have already noticed a weight loss which is good. I have been sitting just over 115kg (253lbs). I am currently around 113-114 consistently. I want to get back to 110, and if possible even drop down to 100kg (220lbs) which would be my ideal weight.


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nfl is great to watch i love

nfl is great to watch i love watching it.

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I love soccer and love that

I love soccer and love that it is such a fun sport, I'm surprised that it is a workout.

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love your article

love your article

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One thing i like most is your

One thing i like most is your routine. Fantastic routine which keep you healthy and fit. We have to follow the routine and reduce weight. The best way to weight loss is daily exercise.


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thats not that impressive, in

thats not that impressive, in fact thats nothing!
monday, AFL training 2 hours
Tuesday weights training and running 2.5 hours
wednesday AFL training 3 hours
Thursday Weights training 2 hours
Friday gentle running 1 hour
Saturday - AFL game day
Sunday - recovery sessions 1 hour

Not to mention im 18 and have school commitments and a social life to squeeze in...

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when i was that age i did

when i was that age i did that - plus coaching!
i remember one stag hen i was about 20 having 2 hours soccer and 2 hours basketball training 2 nights a week, squash another night, coaching soccer one night and saturdays i played 1-2 games of soccer and 1 game of basketball plus coached a soccer game. sundays was mountain biking!
now im a lot older and have work and family commitments!
but good on ya anyway!