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I don't know what to say

A poem crafted in a workshop at www.thehighcalling.org retreat in Texas November 2014.
We were given the sentence "I don't know what to say" and told to add two additional sentences.

a medical chart with a flat line
i didn't know what to say
white flowers falling into an open grave

My thoughts as this poem came into existence were around my friend Ian who had suffered 3 heart attacks earlier this year and I had visited him in intensive care. I had thought at the time that would be the last time I would ever see him. He has currently survived.


And some photos from our time here.

2014-11-22 Laity Lodge 060

2014-11-22 Laity Lodge 046

2014-11-22 Laity Lodge 065

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A Day on the Beach

The Gold Coast of Australia is a well known and very popular destination for holiday makers as well as a great place to live and work.

Last week I had the opportunity to be paid to sit on the beach for 3 hours or so as runners in a race came past me. While waiting for runners to come I was able to shoot the various people and activities that came past. With a backdrop of skyscrapers it is a pretty cool view. I was limited to the one location, so my surfing shots for example are not the best shots as the sun was in the wrong place. It was also a blustery windy winter day and quite cool so most people were well wrapped up enjoying the beach for a casual stroll, exercise or just enjoying the view.

Here are some pictures from the morning. None of these are edited – just straight out of the camera as I saw it on the day.

2014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 0122014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 0182014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 0252014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 0382014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 0672014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 0742014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 0782014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 1002014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 1032014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 1062014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 1212014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 1332014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 0892014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 2532014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 2722014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 2842014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 3582014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 3612014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 2852014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 3682014-08-09 Kokoda Classic Gold Coast 122

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Mt Joyce MTB Winter Adventure

I took a day off and went over to Mt Joyce for a day of Mountain Biking. Ok so there was 4 hours of driving and only 2 of riding but that was an excellent 2 hours!

Situated at the beautiful Wyaralong dam the Mt Joyce MTB tracks are a world class facility with graded trails from beginner to Extreme Downhill.

An easy roll down and up the bottom of the dam leads to the trail head on the western side of the dam wall where there is a map.


I took the advice of some other riders and rode up the fire trail. Ok I said rode, but there was a lot of walking involved as it is stupidly steep in places – more like a stair master than a fire trail.


This is a view from the steepest part looking back over the dam – you can just see the track below the handlebars.

Once at the top of the fire trail you get to this map.


I chose to ride Big Bertha, then Tuna Chunks dropping into Bovine Groove.

Big Bertha is a lot of tight bermed switchbacks with massive drops down the side of a cliff – that was a lot of fun!. Tuna Chunks was a bit more easy – there’s a bit of a video here – very wobbly as i did it with my phone while riding one handed though occasionally needing the front brakes!

This is a very fun descent – its not too hard and there was only one spot I had to dab. Its mostly gentle rolling and nice berms. pretty cruisy really. I finished up at the Tunnel vision pipe back onto the fire trail about half way down where I dropped into a nice down hill called escape that drops down to the lake side and secret valley. Once again lots of bermed corners and a gentle rolling ride. It finishes with a big banked wooden bermed wall – but i saw it too late and didn’t have enough speed up to ride it.


From Secret Valley where i saw this sign i decided to ride up the Grass Tree Trail and then do the Black Rock Downhill and finish with Pork Chops. Those trails are more visible on the lower scale map above.


Grass tree trail was steep but only in patches – i managed to ride a fair bit of it. there were lots of grass trees or black boys as they are known here.


I did take a rest part way up and look back over the track.


These three photos attempt to show the steepness of the last section. Here the Downhill Track is running alongside the fireroad so you can get some idea of what to expect. It is a black diamond track so advanced riders only should be attempting this.


At the top there are two signs. the first identifies a rim track that circles around to the other spur i rode up first. effectively the Mt Joyce summit is above us her and the two trail heads are on the spurs of parallel ridges with a big valley in between. the ridgeline track circles around between the two spurs. a trip for another day!


Today i was only interested in the downhill so black rock got hammered – i loved this downhill. There were only two sections I stopped and checked before just nailing it down them – next time I’ll know the ideal line to take.

After Black Rock I dropped left onto Pork chops and then right out into the secret valley and back to the picnic area there.

From there I rode the shoreline and back out to the dam wall and back to the car. Small video here of the shoreline heading to grasstree and then heading back to the dam.


The eastern side of the dam is a lovely spot with viewing platforms and picnic areas and a large carpark.


A nice day’s ride and only about a 4 on Neils tough-o-meter – but a 8.5 on the downhill fun factor!

Here is my Garmin data.



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Big Morning 4 Your Business

I am speaking at the Big Morning 4 Your Business Free business seminar Thursday 29th May.

I am presenting on two topics:

Stop Your Website Sending Your Customers to Your Competition


Move Your Business to the Cloud Cost-Effectively


The event is a caffeine-injected morning of FREE interactive business development sessions giving you the tools and contacts to grow your business in ONE big hit! (hope that means good coffee!)

Put on by the Regional Development Australia – Moreton Bay Group the morning is:

  • A high-quality program delivered by 18 industry experts
  • Meet the experts one-on-one
  • Visit the trade tables
  • Learn from the region’s businesses
  • Network with other business owners
    Here is the slide show I am presenting. Hope you can make it!