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Great start to the day

My wife suggested I go for a run this morning, so at 7:45 I pushed myself out the door and stretched and the headed out on a run. It was a beautiful start to the morning and the sun was warm and the running was good. I felt great, even when I got back. Walking up the street to our place was a good way to stretch the calves.

Into the airconditioning and some more stretches before cleaning the fish tanks. It is always great to see the tanks nice and clean, and though it will be a couple of hours before the filters remove all the cloudiness from the water, I got some great shots with my mobile phone camera.

Then into work.

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Busy Day

Had a busy day today - am ready to go to Red Rooster for dinner!

  • This site is mostly finished - theres still a few small tweaks to go.
  • Worked on clients projects most of the day - have lots on the go.
  • Dealt with 2 clients websites that have issues (the clients not the websites!)
  • Finished our end of year tax reporting as well.
  • Now time to relax for the evening - away from the PC!
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Don't Think, Just Right-Click

Interesting article from the Microsoft Office Word Team's Blog
Recently while I was tutoring my Mom and Dad on Word 2007 I blurted out: "Just right-click." The remainder of this post is part explanation, part apology, and part justification.
Jonathan from the word team explains the right click philosphy
If you are like my Mom and Dad and do not design software for a living, chances are you never ask yourself questions like: "In what context is feature X most useful?" But, you most certainly have thoughts like "I need to do X to Y." when using software. My suggestion to my parents is my suggestion to you: right-click on Y and look for something like X. The intent here is not to be terse. It is to provide simple and helpful advice.

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Automatic List of Labels for Blogger Classic Templates

Since Blogger introduced labels, one of the pressing concerns for those publishing via FTP or those on blogspot who don't want to switch to a Layout based template was how to automatically list all the labels used on the blog in the sidebar. Blogger does not provide any template tags for this in Classic Templates (maybe they will at some point, but adding new features to Classic Templates probably isn't a high priority, if at all).

We followed these instructions on how to add labels to blogger templates to successfully add label lists to all the old SpyJournal blogger templates.