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Prize List for Problogger Birthday bash giveaway

Darren Rowse's $54,000 ProBlogger Birthday Bash Giveaway is awesome. Check out the prize list.

I have already recived my first free $50 premium site listing from SeekZap
Go to this Problogger link to SeekZapget the free gift.

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Wow - my adrenalin is pumping now.
Someone just tried to break in. I was working in my office right beside the front door, and the door was open, though the screen door was locked. Someone tried the handle a couple of times and I bolted around and grabbed my big piece of malacca cane that is by the front door. By the time I had the outside light on and the door open whoever it was had bolted.
If they come back I'm ready!

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Exhausted and testy

I think my medication isn't working right. I have graves disease and am on medication to control the thyroxin levels in my body. I have a feeling that it is not working right, and my wife tells me I am testy lately - one of the symptoms. I have noticed the heat a lot more lately, and am feeling under pressure wioth some deadlines that are causing me to be a little more short tempered than I should be.

Or maybe the fact that I turn 40 next week is the reason - I am just a grumpy old man!

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$54000 of prizes on ProBlogger!

Far out!

Darren Rowse is giving away USD$54,000 of prizes in the next few days on Problogger.
Subscribe to his RSS feed to find out more!

I am so getting involved with this!