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Bathurst V8 Supercars

I am settling into my media room for 7 odd hours of V8 Supercar racing.
All the details are on the www.v8supercar.com.au website.
This race is like my birthday present from Australia. I have watched this race every year since about 1985 or so with only a couple of exceptions.

The race is about to start. I have live details of placings & track positions on my tablet & am blogging this also. Wired & ready to go!

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We all went for a walk on Friday afternoon with Grandad Miller while Grandma had a rest.
Jude took quite a few photos including the two here of us having a rest on one of the paths in our estate and Grandad and I giving the two littlest ones a ride home.
She also snapped a great macro photo of two lady birds mating.
We explored through some swamps, jungles, islands and twisting pathways, finding hidden playgrounds, animals and creek crossings using fallen logs and stepping stones. Lots of fun!

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Don't Trade Your Life for Tech

Nick has written an article on not letting work overtake your life:

Those of us in the technology sector see it all the time: co-workers who put in incredible hours coding away as though they have nothing else in their lives. And quite often, they don't.

I used to be one of those people.

When I was working on HomeSite over a decade ago, I rarely left my desk. If I wasn't coding, I was answering email or doing some other work-related task. I hardly slept, ate far too much junk food, and traded my health for what I thought was a successful career as a software developer.

Read the rest of the Don't Trade your Life for Tech article.

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Birthday party was fun

The party was lots of fun.
We ate, talked played poker and munchkins and had a ball of fun.
The kids ran amok, watched movies and played games and chatted - they had fun as well. Miranda made 2 new friends her age.

I enjoyed myself immensely - its great having family and friends around.
Thanks to all who made it soooo good.