7 Cheeses reviewed

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Its been a while since I reviewed some cheeses here. I have had a few different cheeses including a very nice creamy blue while in New Zealand.

The first shown here, the Pecorino is actually a cheese I bought to cook with. It is a hard flaky cheese somewhat similar to Parmesan. It grated into nice flaky strips and melted beautifully into the white wine and garlic sauce I cooked the prawns in. I wouldn’t recommend eating it on crackers though it certainly is flavoursome.


There wasn’t much difference between the Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp and the Mainland Cheddar Masters series Extra Tasty cheese. Both were very classic tasty cheeses with a nice bite to them.

IMG_4181 IMG_4180

The Swiss cheese is one we have had on here before I think. It is a unique flavour. I am the only one in the family that likes it. I think this is because it does not taste nice when combined with the other cheeses. Something about it makes the flavour quite annoying when eaten with the other cheeses. However when eaten on its own – with a cleansed palate – its very nice and its flavour is very pleasant.


While I was in New Zealand I picked up this blue cheese from the Puhoi Valley. It was delightful. Soft, creamy – almost brie like in texture, and very edible!. My mother and I scoffed the whole lot!


This next blue the Castello is also described as a creamy blue cheese. However it is quite bland in comparison to the PuHoi Valley one. On its own however i is a very nice lightly flavoured blue. certainly a good cheese to start someone on the blue road with.


The last cheese here is a locally made cheese from Kenilworth. It is a Tuscany Romano. I really don’t know how to describe this cheese, other than I had to ration it out because all the kids except one loved it.

The best way to describe the flavour would be tasty with a hint of parmesan.


Vive l’appetite.


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you forgot the boccacini

you forgot the boccacini (sp?)

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thats because you didn't tag

thats because you didn't tag the photo with cheese in live photo gallery :p